Rafferty’s Garden Journey

our story

From humble beginnings

Our story begins in 2007 when Rafferty’s Garden made its first appearance in supermarket shelves across Australia. Rafferty’s Garden is a brand born from the desire to give babies the best start of their food journey. The brand was founded on three key principles; taste, transparency & natural. These principles are still core to our brand today and now we’ve grown to the biggest baby food brand in Australia and to many parents around the world.

brand promise

Our commitment to you

At Rafferty’s Garden, we believe that healthy, natural REAL food is the best and also the tastiest. Rafferty’s Garden helps to give families around the world a positive start on life’s food journey by simply preparing the simple, healthy foods that you would cook yourself at home. Parents want their babies to have food that’s natural, free from preservatives and nutritious.  

our ingredients

We believe real food tastes best.

We’re passionate that just because it is baby food, it shouldn’t be bland. We use premium fruit and vegetables to make delicious, nutritious food your baby will love. To get the best ingredients, our journey begins in the fields of the best farms and orchards, where our farmers nurture and cultivate the freshest fruit and vegetables. We only use trusted growers, who are passionate about quality and where ever possible, we will support Australian farmers. Packed with yummy goodness, the Rafferty’s Garden range is just as good as homemade.


Have a question? 

We’re here to help. Whatever your question, we’ll do our best to give the right information.  Some of the common questions parents ask us about are in our Frequently Asked Questions otherwise feel free to get in touch.